Minister of Construction and Housing, Engineer Mohammed Darraji seen on the ground the works in the disaster areas in Sheikh Saad and Ali al-Gharbi in the provinces of Wasit and Maysan


  H.E. visited a number of villages hit by rain to follow up the efforts of the ministry and other government sides that work to reduce the size of the losses and aid families and drainage toward Tigris river.

The minister held a series of emergency meetings in Sheikh Saad and Ali al-Gharbi with a number of officials and tribal elders and families affected by the floods that swept the region in order to develop a comprehensive plan for relief and compensation for the affected families and the delivery of assistance emergency to them.

H.E instructed to supply the caravans for the families, blockaded by the floods, confirming the continuation of efforts to drain flood water where discharge of a large proportion of the water by opening the outlet in the road link between Kut-Amara, which led to control of these floods completely, and the disclaimer of affected families and provide living supplies to them urgently.

During a tour of H.E. in the provinces of Wasit and Maysan began ministry in cooperation with military forces in the Ministry of Defense to distribute urgent food aid to villages and rural areas besieged and remote using helicopters, indicating that the distribution of this aid will be in the form of meals ready, fact that most of those affected do not have the means of food preparation till this breakthrough crisis.